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Minutes of the November 6, 2010 Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting of the Executive Committee
Minutes – November 6, 2010
9:30 AM Health Services Center, Pilgrim Place

ATTENDANCE:  Zephyr Tate-Mann, chair; Lois Thompson, Gar Byrum, Merrill Ring, Bob Gerecke, Ned Freed, Carolee Monroe, Jim Stripling, Carol Whitson and Ron Wall. 

MSA Agenda was approved after the addition of the Holiday Party by Carolee Monroe

Ron Wall, chairman of the San Bernardino County Democratic Party gave a slide presentation of the California Democratic Party’s voter file and data management program called MOE (Mobilize, Organize, Elect.)   Ron explained how the system could be used during a campaign (producing call or walk sheets, updating voter information, sorting information by selecting certain criteria).  He pointed out other features such as maintaining private databases for Democratic clubs, creating the ability to generate email or address labels, building precinct based grass roots groups.  Zephyr will contact the LACDCC to obtain certain levels of access for club members who will utilize the system. 

Zephyr presented her address on “The Direction and Goals for our Democratic Club after the Midterm Election” which she will also deliver at our next General Meeting and luncheon.


MSA The minutes of the October 25 General Meeting and the October 2 Executive Committee meeting were approved.
Debi Evans did not attend the meeting so there was no Treasurer’s report or budget proposal.  Zephyr stated that she had not received a confirmation of receipt of the Certified letter she mailed to Debi, but that she had mailed a second by regular mail and presumes that it was received.  Carol informed the group that she had stopped by Debi’s house and found her home.  She explained to Debi the need to transfer funds to the new account and they made an appointment to meet at the Wells Fargo Bank on Monday, November 8. 

Jim Stripling informed the EC that he would like to continue the Sunday tabling indefinitely and would like the writers in the group to provide some informative items for distribution. 

Zephyr asked Carol to write a letter of thanks to Russ Warner for running again for the 26th Congressional seat in spite of the uphill contest he faced in this district.  We also appreciate his generous offer of space for DCC where we could create a Democratic headquarters. 

There was no report on the newsletter progress.

Carolee reported that at the last Claremont HS Young Democrats meeting Beth Bingham and Mr Fox from the school district presented an explanation and arguments in favor of the Measure CL.  Upcoming meeting topics are Gar Byrum with an analysis of the election, Sandy Hester on public vs. private colleges and Merrill Ring on faux news, how to spot it and analyze it.

Claremont City Council elections will be March 8, 2010.  Speculation is that Peter Yao and Sam Pedroza will be running again, but perhaps not Linda Elderkin. 

Zephyr Tate-Mann, as president, initiated a discussion about the Club drafting and sponsoring an initiative for the 2013 ballot.  The proposed initiative will prohibit the Claremont City Council from donating or giving taxpayer monies to the local Chamber of Commerce if that organization contributes to the State or US Chamber as a member.  Such funds have been and are being used to oppose or support political candidates and ballot measures in partisan politics.  Zephyr has drafted this proposal and is currently researching the criteria for qualifying this initiative for the ballot.  She will present it to our general membership as a Democratic Club project.  She also pointed out that we would need to get the support of several other local organizations that have concerns about campaign financing and money in politics.

Merrill Ring and Gar Byrum mentioned that the Issues Committee will also present an Action Plan at the next general membership meeting.

At our next General Meeting, Zephyr will appoint a Nomination Committee for our Club’s upcoming election.

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Whitson
Recording Secretary

Upcoming Events:

November 12, 2010    Luncheon at LYL Garden. 
Speakers – Zephyr Tate-Mann on the post-election Direction and Goals for DCC and  Gar Byrum with a summary and analysis of the Election results.
November 29, 2010    General Meeting, Porter Hall. 
December  5, 2010    Holiday party 3-6 pm at the Garnier House in Memorial Park
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