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Minutes of the April 7, 2012 Executive Committee Meeting

Meeting of the Executive Committee
Minutes – April 7, 2012
9:30 AM, Pilgrim Place Health Center, Claremont, CA

ATTENDANCE:  Zephyr Tate-Mann, chair, Bob Gerecke, Lois Thompson, Carolee Monroe, Marguerite Gee Royse, Davetta Williams, Merrill Ring, Sandy Hester, Louis Duran, Ned Freed, David Levering, Garland Byrum  and Carol Whitson.  

An addition to the Agenda: Discuss the aspects of the last General Meeting as it pertains to the Club business – not the PAC.

MSA: Minutes of the 2/4/12 Executive Committee meeting and the 2/27/12 General Meeting were approved as corrected.  The March 26, 2012 General Meeting was approved as presented.

Sandy Hester discussed the Headquarter Fundraiser that she, Carolee, Gar, and Karen Rosenthal are planning for April 29th at the Rosenthal home.  She requested $1200 for flyer printing, ads in the Courier,  letters to VIP’s and other possible donors, a donor list from Open Secrets and food for the event.  Candidates will be invited. A silent auction will be held. Minimum entry donation to be $25.  
MSA for $1200 as requested. Marguerite will advance the funds to Sandy and an accounting will be provided after the event.

Marguerite distributed her Treasurer’s Report prior to the meeting.  She is segregating the funds from different sources.  

Louis Duran reminded us about the petition to get the governor’s tax initiative onto the November ballot.  He has committed to get 5000 signatures by April 21 and needs everyone’s help.

Zephyr has been contacted by an FPPC investigator about our former Treasurer.  She received a 2nd notice of waiver of Liability in March and after some inquiry determined that the Sec of State had filed the waiver for us.  The FPPC has reduced our liability to $300 if paid by 4/19/2012.  Failure to pay this would result in a $5000 penalty.  Zephyr informed us that she is willing to defend the Club in this procedure and request reimbursement from Debi Evans.  However, she will not go on the offense against Debi.
MSA that we comply with FPPC and send $300 to them because if we wanted to appeal we would need new facts – which we have been unable to obtain.

MSA that President be authorized to send a letter to Debi requesting reimbursement of the $300.
Merrill commented that FEC has not made any response to us.

Earth Day:  April 21st   10am – 3pm.  Carolee reports that our booth is on the south side of 2nd St, just east of Indian Hill.  She suggested that we provide seeds of the Three Sisters – the corn, beans and squash as planted together by the native people in this area.  She is contacting Cal Poly about this.  She requests that the Club members provide campaign literature.  Aelian and Jim Stripling have said they will be there all day and the CHS Dems have promised to come as well.

Pre-primary calling will begin at the UFCW Building on April 10.  Jim Stripling, Carol Whitson and Zephyr will work with Mark Ramos to organize the activities.  We will be calling for Chris Holden since he has the most competition from a recently registered Democrat.

District Attorney candidates have been invited to our May meeting.  When LAC Central Committee endorsements are made they will appear on our website.  There is no longer enough time for our club to endorse anyone.

Judy Chu is unable to attend our regularly scheduled meeting on April 30, but suggested other available dates.  MSA to change our General Meeting to whenever she can attend.

Carolee reminded us that the July 4th booth will cost $100 if we decide to sell swag or request donations.  An information only booth is only $25.00.  MSA that we pay for a $100 booth.  We also need a nomination for the Honored Citizen (for Acts of Service) who will ride in the parade.  Several candidates were suggested, but they were all scheduled to be out of town on the 4th.  

Zephyr informed us that the CDP is renewing the Bounty program for voter registrations.  We should be using this as a tool to increase the treasury as well as increase the number of voters.  In addition, Gov Brown is offering $3.00 for signatures gathered for his tax initiative.

The SAFE California Act (to replace the Death Penalty with indefinite detention) has just received the necessary signatures to be placed on the November ballot.   MSA that the Club endorse that proposition at a later General Meeting.

Bob Gerecke has been appointed to the LA County party Resolutions Committee so he can now introduce resolutions directly.

Zephyr informed us that the LA CDP needs donations for the JFK dinner.

MSA  that the Treasurer to write a check for $550 to CDP for the Liability Insurance Renewal.  Carol has prepared the application.  A Special Event Endorsement will be requested for the Fundraiser.

A discussion was held about the Inland Communities Headquarters PAC and the DCC. MSA to defer discussion of the relationship between the groups until after the November election.


  • The April 13 luncheon will be cancelled so that people can attend the Paul Krugman speech at Cal Poly.
  • Joe Lyons and Sharyn Webb will be hosting a Coffee for Chris Holden on Sunday April 22nd.
  • Next General meeting date to be announced after we hear from Congresswoman Judy Chu.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:10pm

Respectfully submitted,

Carol Whitson

Recording Secretary
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