Recommendations on Ballot Propositions



Preface to Propositions


There are 14 propositions and other such measures on the Claremont ballot for the November election.  12 are state propositions, one is from the Citrus College district and one from Los Angeles County.


For each of those there are 4 parts to what follows.


  1. there is a general account of what the particular measure is all about.  Those general accounts are taken from CalMatters – they are a little on the jaunty side but do present useful information.
  2. there is a notice of what position is taken by 4 different organizations:  the League of Women Voters, the Los Angeles Times, the California Democratic Party and the Los Angeles County Democratic Party.
  3. there is a DCC analysis of the measure which serves as an explanation and justification of our recommendation.
  4. there is the recommendation itself.

The Claremont Manfesto

Claremont Manifesto Cover

The Claremont Manifesto is designed to suggest a new vision and program to capture the hearts and minds of the American people.

It represents an appeal to Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike - to consider the renewal of the vision of the U.S. as a Commonwealth in which people of good will cooperate for the common good as well as for individual fulfillment. It asks them to consider a return to the view of our society first advocated by our nation's Founders: The view of America as a Commonwealth in which we all work together to create a better, more peaceful and just world for ourselves and for our children. Based upon a wide array of polls and other data, we are confident that this is a vision most Americans now share.